Darkroom closed! 2 days left to turn everything in!

The darkroom is now closed for cleaning and repairs before the beginning of next year.

Monday - panorama and big print due

Tuesday - artist presentation and final portfolio due

if your artist presentation is a powerpoint, upload to the I drive under Quarles-Photo1-ArtistPresentations(your correct period #)

If your artist presentation is a video, upload to YouTube and email a link to kelly.quarles@cfisd.net

Final portfolio should have 10 matted prints (5 from fall and 5 from spring). No two images should come from one roll of film to show a variety of subjects we have gone over throughout the entire year. Fold a posterboard in half, tape up the edges and attach the rubric to the front. Be sure each print is properly labeled on the back with the #, name, title and assignment it came from….

Starting Wednesday the 18th… Everything is shut down and we are only doing artist presentations and portfolio critiques. Thank you guys for all of your hard work this year! You should be very proud of the work you have done!

Due Friday the 13th

Typed artist presentations outline with work cited and thumbnail print outs of images to be used. You must keep a copy for yourself so you may work on the project over the weekend (its due Tuesday of next week!)

Dioramas must be digitally photographed and uploaded to the I drive to be graded. Be sure it has met all of the requirements given to you at the beginning of the 6 weeks.

This is the LAST DAY that the darkroom will be open.

ALL cameras and borrowed or rented equipment must be returned for inventory on Friday the 13th.

Remember - next week… Monday the panoramas and big prints are due. Tuesday the final 10 print portfolio (in a posterboard folded in half with rubric and name on front and taped shut on the sides) and the artist presentation (videos uploaded to youtube with link emailed to kelly.quarles@cfisd.net or powerpoints uploaded to the I drive) due.

Beginning Wednesday we will be presenting artist projects and critiquing portfolios and then we are done!!

Next Week

The 9th - the 13th.

I will be staying after on Monday and Wednesday and I am willing to let students work through C lunch to finish their work before the darkroom closes on Friday the 13th. We must close the darkroom early each year to ensure work orders for repairs are completed and the darkroom is cleaned. We also need all cameras on loan returned for inventory. Any missing or damaged equipment is your responsibility per the agreement signed at the beginning of the year.

Don’t forget review sheets are due Monday the 9th and the TEKS end of course exam is Tuesday!

I MUST turn in the fees and fines list tomorrow the 6th. Please ensure all IOUs and fees are paid so you can exempt, graduate and pay our program back for the money you may have borrowed from us! :)

Thank you!

Upcoming due dates

Papers and calendars have been passed out and posted on the schoolwires website. Hopefully everyone is keeping their due dates in mind! Here are a few reminders though…..

Friday 6th - Cyanotypes are due (major grade), Fees and fines list is due to the office - pay any IOUs or missed semester fees by this time :)

Monday the 9th - TEKS review sheet due (major grade) at the beginning of the class period

Tuesday the 10th - TEKS exam (double major grade)

Friday the 13th - Last day darkroom is open (all work for the portolio, BIG print and prints for the diorama must be done), All equipment is due back for inventory, artist presentation outlines due, Dioramas due

Monday the 16th - Panoramas and BIG print due (can use the day to assemble these if you need to but need to have your own poster board/matt board)

Tuesday the 17th - 10 print portfolio due, artist presentations powerpoint (on the I drive) or video (on youtube and link emailed to me kelly.quarles@cfisd.net) due

Wed 18th - Fri 20th - Artist presentations

Mon 23rd - Tuesday 24th - Portfolio Critiques

and then finals and then school is out! :)

Due Thursday the 21st

2 8x10 Studio Portrait Final Prints (Not of yourself but of shots that YOU took)

Contact Sheet for Portfolio Cushion roll of film due…….You should shoot something that will help your 10 print portfolio in the end. Remember… no two prints can be from ONE roll of film and your portfolio should display the breadth (variety) of units we have covered. ie some landscape, cityscape, portraits, self portraits, still lives, various surrealism. Choose your weakest assignment and re-do it to help have a great final portfolio.

Resources for 6th 6 weeks


Here is a link to word documents for assignments for the last 6 weeks :D

End of 5th 6 weeks!

All late or make up work must be turned in by Thursday the 14th for grades to be done for the end of the 5th 6 weeks.

Last weekend there was no new shooting assignment and this was intended for students to use this time to re-shoot any make up work or get caught up on late work.

Please check any zeros on PIV that still need to be made up.

Thank you!

Any one who is absent on the day their group was supposed to shoot in the studio should check the previous post to get with another group for studio portraits. Any one who’s film did not turn out, needs to plan to come shoot in the morning before school as a group.

studio portraits

Choose 3 of these different choices to use in your studio shots.

-Dress as your parents (either at their current age or at the age you are now)

-Dress as an era (20’s, ancient Egypt, 70’s, renaissance, etc….)

-Dress as a fictional character.

-Dress as the opposite high school stereotype as yourself

-Dress as a celebrity.

-Dress as someone from the future.

-Dress as an animal.

-Dress as a superhero.

-Dress as a cartoon character.

-Dress as a circus sideshow performer.

Define the following types of basic studio lighting….

Split Lighting –

Rembrandt Lighting –

Butterfly/Paramount Lighting –

Broad Lighting –

Loop Lighting -

Group Assignments and Days shooting in the studio

Group A Thursday the 7th -

4th - michael, jacob, paola, kaitlyn s

5th - allie, erika, mikey

6th - sierra, evan, zach, savannah

7th - cody, ethan, karla, blanca

Group B Friday the 8th -

4th - ty, hannah, kelley, chance

5th - analicia, christian, shelby

6th - katie, ivy, lex

7th - taylor, gabe, cole, anika

Group C Monday the 11th-

4th - emily bill, brandon, cody, ben

5th - angela, allyson, sara

6th - gwen, justin, kristina, stephen

7th - brennam, fernando, valeri

Group D Tuesday the 12th -

4th - wyatt, tyler, veronica, tessa

5th - connor, emily, nicole

6th - taylor, april, tamera, miguel

7th - tareke, sam, hailey, sabina

Group E Wednesday the 13th -

4th - star, kaitlyn h, sarah, jamie

5th - madison, mitch, hannah

6th - lauren, kelley, josh

7th - courtney, vinny, tori

Group F  Thursday the 14th -

4th - emily brez, maddie, heather, jerrica

5th - lew, kenneth, luke

6th - victoria, lexi, abby

7th - natalie, abby, miles, madison

4th - 8th

Mon - Papparazzi roll of film check / work day

Tues - work day

Wed - New assignment

Thursday - work day / group A shoots in studio

Friday - work day / group B shoots in studio / papparazzi contact sheet due and 2 final prints from the environmental portrait assignment both due

Staged Papparazzi - New Assignment!

Thursday March 31st - New Assignment

Do research from People Magazine, US Weekly, Star, etc. to get ideas for how and where to stage friends and family members to look like papparrazi shots. Think about what they’re wearing and the typical shots you see in magazines of the stars all the time. (Remember - school appropriate shots though!) Convince us that these are really stars that you’re getting paid top dollar to follow around.

Film Check - Monday April 4th

Contact sheet Due - Wed 6th

Final Prints due - Wed 13th.

Last day of the 6 weeks - Friday the 15th. ALL LATE WORK DUE THE DAY BEFORE.